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What is Free Range?

In the United States, USDA defines "free range" as allowing the animal access to the outside. Beutler Farms', LLC chickens are also "pasture raised," meaning the animals are kept in a floorless, portable chicken pen that is moved daily, allowing the chickens mobility, yet protecting them from natural predators.

Why Choose Free Range Chicken?

When you buy Beutler Farms', LLC free range chicken, you can be sure that you are recieving exactly what you paid for: juicy, nutritious, unadulterated meat.  Meats found at the supermarkets do not look anything like our alternative.  Our chickens are much bigger 4-5 Ibs, packed full of vitamins, and their bones are ivory white.  Supermarket chicken contain dozens of additives that would make even the strongest stomach shudder. Some of the hidden ingredients found in supermarket meats include: ammonia gas, veterinary drugs which have been linked to kidney and neurological damage in humans, MRSA, and other Staph bacteria.  Our chickens are free of growth hormones, drugs, and dead remains of other chickens.  After their first 2 weeks of life in a brooder they spend 100% of their time outside eating plenty of grass, relaxing in the sun, and living stress free.
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