Getting Started

Beutler Farms, LLC was established in 2011 when Kim and Doug Beutler pursued their lifelong dream and moved into their house just three miles into Whitley County off County Road 14. With 12.3 acres of land at their disposal, Doug and Kim began to research what to do with their new land.

Doug came across a book entitled "You Can Farm" by Joel Salatin which highlighted an alternative kind of farming known as "natural farming." This alternative to the mass production of meat and straight rows of corn highlights a farm lifestyle that anyone can do. 

At the same time, Doug came across research revealing how growth hormones, antibiotics, salmonella, e-coli, and even arsenic are getting into our meat supply from mass production farming and ending up in our local grocery stores. 

"I’m not a doctor or a researcher but I knew that didn't sound good and I thought maybe I could help," said Doug Beutler.

So after some research, in the year 2012, Beutler Farms processed and sold 91 free range chickens on the Farm.  In 2013, Beutler Farms increased production, processing and selling 190 free range chickens.  In 2014, Beutler Farms again increased production by processing 215 chickens and added grass fed beef.  In 2015, Beutler Farms had another great year processing 250 chickens, raising and butchering 2 Black Angus steers, and producing all natural vegetables.  2016, Beutler Farms continued to produce quality all natural free range chicken meat and expanding to 3 grassfed Black Angus steers.  In 2017 we increased to 300 chickens processed for meat and 3 grass fed and finished Black Angus steers.  In 2018 Beutler Farms, LLC became an official company.  Also in 2018 Beutler Farms, LLC won the 2018 Best of Columbia City Award in the Farm category by the Columbia City Award Program.  Obviously 2020 and 2021 were a challenge.  We had to make several changes in 2020 and 2021 because of the Covid-19 virus.  We did survive those challenges and are looking forward to 2022 year as we continue to provide high quality free range chicken meat and grass fed beef.


Meet the Family

The Beutler Farms Family.  (The Kyle Beutler family,  the Brian Quigley family, the Josh Jones family, Doug  & Kim Beutler, The Rudy Mahara family, and the Tony Jacobs family.)